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Lunch & Learn: Platforms, the Secret Juice

Lunch & Learn is our new series that aims to educate and train our community about new trends, technological tools that shape how you think, and learn new professional skills! 

As the platform business model continues to spread across every single industry, you may wonder as an entrepreneur, "Is this the right solution for the problem that I'm trying to solve?"

Alan Schmoll, CEO of Zave will talk about the power of the platform and more importantly what part your business should take in it. In this talk, we will also look at precedence and examine how some of the biggest companies consumers are familiar with such as Amazon and Netflix have successfully implemented platform technology while others have failed.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Full-stack or Platform? Learn when to compete and when to serve as every workflow and every industry is being challenged.

  • Platform Sponsor vs Platform Manager. Deciding what to own and when to work with others is critical in driving platform growth as saying ‘no’ is the hardest thing with product selection.

  • Learn how to design a fly wheel, a business strategy that allows for a business to slowly build momentum and achieve sustainable growth, that suits your goals.


12.00pm Introduction

12.15pm Lunch & Learn

12.45pm Q&A

1.00pm End


Alan lnl 18june-05.jpg

Alan Schmoll , Chief Executive Officer, Zave

Alan left Wall Street in 2014 to begin his entrepreneurial journey by starting Asbet, a collaboration software for banks and institutional investors. In 2017, the direction of the company pivoted to address the challenges around corporate services and rebranded to Zave.

About the Company:


Zave is a full-service accounting and corporate services firm that uses modern technology to give high-growth companies an accounting and compliance experience that is fast, transparent, and cost-effective.