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Own The Future Session One: Brand Growth


In the first of a four-part series on branding, Cowan will be sharing insights to help future-proof your business and ensure longevity for your brand.

The other 12%

Since 1955, only 12% of the Fortune 500 companies are still listed today.

The constant turnover in the Fortune 500 only proves the necessity for innovation in today’s vibrant market place. A hyper-competitive global economy requires new strategies and insights to navigate branding and consumer-centric ecosystems.

With the ‘pace of change’ moving faster than ever before, the world of branding has shifted. In this introductory session, Cowan will use data from different categories and markets to demonstrate how it can help brands increase revenue and showcase examples and case studies from start-ups, unicorns as well as large global brands, and outline the three stages of creating a strong brand (brand definition, brand creation and brand communication).

This first session will be complimentary.


3.30pm - The Science of Brand Growth

4.15pm - Q&A and Discussion


Paul Galesloot, CEO, Cowan


Nadia Romanis, Strategy Director, Cowan

About Cowan:


Cowan is an independent, international design agency, expert in Asia, retail and consumer brands.

Later Event: June 19
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