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Grow Asia Digital Learning Series: Space for Agriculture in Southeast Asia

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The third event in the Grow Asia Digital Learning Series will collaborate with Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) to bring their projects and learnings from the region to Singapore. G4AW is a programme by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the policy priorities for food security and water, which is executed by the Netherlands Space Office (NSO).

Geodata, converted to relevant information on climate, weather and hazards, can help food producers and other stakeholders in developing countries. These data can be used to generate information for customised and timely agricultural advice. The combination of improved mobile connectivity, new satellite services and private investments offers the opportunity for scaling up innovations to large-scale implementation and operations. A growing fleet of earth observation satellites encircling our planet guarantee a continuing global coverage and provision of free objective data.

Recent studies show that information from satellites and other (geo)data can be translated into agricultural advice, which enables higher crop yields and more efficient use of seeds, water and fertilizers. Also, food producers will be able to receive early warnings for drought, flooding and/or diseases. Mobile phone based services providing up-to-date market prices have already been proven successful in Africa and India. Increasing the quantity and quality of communication networks enables millions of food producers in remote areas to benefit from relevant agricultural information, empowering them to make better decisions. Also, micro-insurances and/or micro loans combined with information services can help guarantee the continuity of food production.

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