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Lunch & Learn: The Science (& Art) of Value Pricing

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Lunch & Learn is our new series that aims to educate and train our community about new trends, technological tools that shape how you think, and learn new professional skills! 

If you are a founder, investor, mentor, CEO, CFO, head of sales or hold any role that allows you to influence pricing, this is the talk for you. It can help you avoid the mistakes most startups, scaleups and growth-stage firms make by giving you an understanding of how to approach value pricing, how to A/B test prices, and how to get reliable information from clients and prospective clients about what they would be willing to pay for your product or services.

According to an analysis by US venture firm OpenView Venture Partners, a little more than half of seed-stage companies get their pricing wrong. They leave too little time to think about pricing. They fail to A/B test prices and price changes. They also fail to do market research to understand how much buyers are willing to pay. As a result, many companies invariably charge clients too little, and effectively undermine their chances of building a thriving business.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Learn what value pricing is, and why top US tech firms obsess about it

  • Learn how to calculate value pricing for your business

  • Learn how to handle clients asking for discounts without diverging from value pricing


12.00pm Introduction

12.15pm Lunch & Learn

12.45pm Q&A

1.00pm End



Velisarios Kattalous, CEO, Lanturn

Veli is a seasoned entrepreneur who has been deep in the startup space for 15 years. His passion for building businesses naturally lead him to his borderline obsession with pricing. He's constantly tweaking and analyzing product bundles and optimal price points.

About the Company:

Lanturn is a one-stop corporate services firm dedicated to helping businesses scale. Using technology, we offer efficient and cost-effective solutions for your accounting, tax, compliance and incorporation needs. 

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Zave is a full-service accounting and corporate services firm that uses modern technology to give high-growth companies an accounting and compliance experience that is fast, transparent, and cost-effective.