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Pre-Hackathon Workshop: SkillsFuture Singapore Hackathon 2018

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Upcoming technologies are set to disrupt the way we work and we need to continually upskill ourselves to expand our capabilities and catch the wave. The SkillsFuture Singapore Hackathon 2018 wants to drive peer-to-peer learning, enable organisations to adapt and integrate learning, and also invent new ways of tracking and benchmarking.

In this Pre-Hackathon Workshop, we'll discuss the Future of Learning. How can we innovate to create to solutions that will help Singaporeans adopt a mindset of lifelong learning, and keep up with the effects of disruptive technologies?

Experts will share their points of view on the current trends and developments in the field of learning, and it would be an excellent opportunity for you to join the discussion, learn about the space, and find out what to expect at the hackathon.


1. Learning as a Community: How might we inspire and empower individuals to learn from and with their peers?

2. Adaptive Organisations: How might we enable organisations to adapt and integrate learning, such that the way we work becomes the way we learn?

3. Track & Benchmark: How might we motivate and support new ways of learning with tracking and benchmarking tools?

Learn more about the challenges here, or join us at the Pre-Hackathon Workshop where we'll discuss them in detail with industry experts.

Use your skills to help lay the foundation of future learning!

Check out the Pre-hackathon Workshop for SkillsFuture Hackathon 2018 or get more details on SkillsFuture Hackathon 2018 here

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