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Mindshare: Media Dystopia


The world has changed drastically and industries have been disrupted due to the rise of numerous technological advancements. The growing popularity of dystopian narratives in recent years echoes this sentiment, reflecting the innate curiosity and tinge of fear we all have as we project ourselves into the future.

Join Joe Maceda, Chief Instigation Officer of Mindshare who will be in Singapore to share his landmark presentation from Consumer Electric Show 2019 in Las Vegas. Inspired by the Netflix series, Black Mirror, this session will imagine multiple possibilities of the future and Joe will share hypotheses of what our future might become as we imagine the various potential fates of media and marketing based on the emerging technologies and changing consumer trends we see today.


Episode 1: Bundle Up or Die

Episode 2: Sound as the Saviour

Episode 3: The Blockchain Episode

Episode 4: Virtually All or Nothing

Episode 5: The Brands of August


Joe Maceda

Joe Maceda, Chief Instigation Officer, Mindshare

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Mindshare was born in Asia in 1997, a WPP start-up with a desire to change the media world. Now we are a global agency with 116 offices in 86 countries and billings of $16.5bn. We are the largest agency in GroupM, WPP’s Media Investment Management arm, which is the #1 media holding group globally with billings of $45.1bn.