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Lunch & Learn: The Messy Art of ReInventing yourself in Work and Life

Lunch & Learn is our new series that aims to educate and train our community about new trends, technological tools that shape how you think, and learn new professional skills! 

Are you coming up to “middlescence” (midlife + adolescence)? Or are you there already? Are you feeling lost or stuck with your career? Are you asking yourself ‘was that it?’ or ‘what’s next?’

If you answered “yes” to any of the previous questions, then this talk is for you.

According to the book The 100-Year Life, the traditional three-stage life (education, career, retirement) is being replaced by a multi-stage life with new stages and new ages, where age is not a limiting factor! For each of us, this brings potential for greater individual sequencing in our lives.

But how do we do this? By challenging existing social narratives, we can become our own role models. We can redefine our lives by reinventing ourselves and the way we think, live and work.

Intrigued? Then join us at this Lunch & Learn session to learn more about how you can reinvent yourself!

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about the multi-stage life and how that impacts you moving forward.

  • Discover life assets that will help you navigate work and life.

  • Explore unconventional strategies to reinvent your career.


12.00pm Introduction

12.15pm Lunch & Learn

12.45pm Q&A

1.00pm End



Lisa D. Burnage, Founder, life begins at oRgy

As a self-proclaimed Midlife Activist, Lisa is passionate about how we can make our middlescence (midlife + adolescence) something we embrace, look forward to and live intentionally. Rather than deny, dread and live mindlessly…

Using her experience as a corporate facilitator, coach and OD consultant, Lisa has dedicated the past 20 years of her professional life teaching people how to have quality, two-way conversations. Lisa believes that we need to challenge social narratives and change the conversations we have both with ourselves and others about midlife.

Quality, two-way conversations = build strong relationships = create better results.

As a certified ICF executive coach and NLP Master Practitioner working in Europe and Asia, some of Lisa’s clients include Autodesk, ExxonMobil, Givaudan, BNPP and Nestle as well as IT startups in Europe and Asia.

About the Company:


At venture66 we’re all about helping you have quality, two-way conversations. With both yourself and with others.

In individual coaching as well as experiential group workshops, we help you address the elephants in the room. By asking questions to challenge in a safe way, we support you in teasing out the wisdom in your minds. The answers are almost always there. Often just buried a bit...