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Google Developer Group: Kotlin for Server Side

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Are you backend developer and use Spring, Hibernate, AWS or you want to know how use Kotlin on the server side?
Welcome our 2018 starters from M-DAQ.
They will share their experiences in building backend services with Kotlin.

6.50pm - 7.20pm: Guest Arrival
7.20pm - 8.00pm: How to use Spring Boot with Kotlin by Ninh Doan
8.00pm - 8.20pm: Networking
8.20pm - 9.00pm: The various quirks and gotchas when using Kotlin with JPA by Li Wen



Ninh Doan, Senior Java Developer at M-DAQ with 4 months experiences in Kotlin.






Li Wen, Senior Java Developer at M-DAQ. He is a full stack developer, familiar with Java, Kotlin, Angular. He used to work for SCB, BlackRock and JPMorgan. Joined M-DAQ in pursuit of a Fintech startup culture.