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LEVEL3 Founders' Breakfast Club ft. Chirdeep Singh Chhabra, Founder of Ocean Protocol

LEVEL3 Founders’ Breakfast Club is an exclusive platform for our startup founders to connect with the many tech entrepreneurs and partners within our community. It is an open forum where founders can be inspired, share ideas and knowledge, learn about opportunities, and make vital connections within the startup ecosystem.

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) features prominently in more technological solutions, more robust data is needed to train these new applications. Decision-makers now need both reliable data and strong algorithms to create the most effective AI solutions. However, only a handful of companies today possess both the requisite quantities of data and sophisticated AI algorithms. Startups are often found drowning in algorithms but lack sufficient data, while the larger corporations face the opposite problem.

In the upcoming Founders’ Breakfast Club, we are pleased to introduce the founder of Ocean Protocol - Chirdeep Singh Chhabra as our special guest. LEVEL3 startup founders can look forward to hear how their startup can benefit from pooling data, how to unlock their available data assets for speedier AI advances and other equitable outcomes, as well as Ocean Protocol’s involvement in development sprints that span across multiple industries.

Ocean Protocol is a decentralised data exchange protocol to unlock data for AI. Alongside the technology solution, in partnership with PwC Singapore and supported by IMDA, Ocean protocol is developing a trusted data framework for safe and secure exchange of data.

Through blockchain technology and native tokens, Ocean Protocol connects data providers and consumers, allowing data to be shared while guaranteeing traceability, transparency, and trust for all stakeholders involved. This means that data owners now have control over their own data assets and can prevent them from being locked-in to any single marketplace.

Chirdeep has experience in AI, Big data, distributed systems, Mobile ad-hoc networks, traffic engineering and distributed ledger technologies, in UK, Switzerland, Singapore, and India. He was the Head of Data Programmes and Blockchain at Digital Catapult in London, where he developed and executed the largest cross-country data-sharing program – Data City Data Nation - bringing together open city data and proprietary corporate data.

Key outcomes from the session

  1. Understand the data that each company has

  2. Hear about the corporate use cases that Ocean Protocol has

  3. Learn and understand how companies can utilise such blockchain solutions to unlock data for AI


8.30am Welcome and introduction
8.35am Chirdeep shares how to fully utilise the datasets and gain access to other datasets
8.50am Q&A and open discussion
9.30am End

This event is chargeable at $8 (coffee/tea & light breakfast will be catered).

Advisory with Ocean Protocol

The Founders’ Breakfast Club is focused on creating connections between startups founders in their areas of interests. Between 10.00am – 1.30pm, introductory half-hour advisory meetings are coordinated between LEVEL3 Founders/CEOs and a member of the Ocean team. We will inform you about the allocated slot if you are selected. Click here to fill up a simple form to be considered for an advisory slot.

This event is exclusive to LEVEL3 startup founders and CEOs. Due to limited availability, we are only able to accommodate one representative per startup. Event registration fees are non-refundable.