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Wellness Zone: Laughing Yoga by Jalyoga


Laugh at what went wrong in 2017 and kick-start 2018 with a stronger mind and body!

The connection between laughter and yoga lies in the “breath”. Laughing yoga focuses on easy stretching, self-generated laughter exercises, intentionally cultivated childlike playfulness and most importantly the pranamya “yogic breathing exercises", which promotes the use of breathing activities in between laughing exercises to relax the body and mind. Laughing is an easy way to strengthen all immune functions, bringing more oxygen to the body and brain, to foster positive feeling and improve personal skill.

Session will be conducted on a chair

Attire: Come dressed in a comfortable attire that you can stretch in, preferably long sleeved if you are afraid of the cold.

Lessons will begin at 5.30pm sharp, please arrive by 5.15pm.

The Instructor

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Christine is a trained yoga teacher in Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Laughing Yoga. In addition, she is also trained in Chinese acupressure and Ayurvedic massage. To get the full benefit of the class, active participation is not enough; otherwise it is just like the gym. The key is the alert presence filled with devotion. This intention needs to be “plugged in” and that is why we begin classes with a mantra calling upon our individual highest self to bring us to a higher level of consciousness. You will learn to tune in with yourself, clear your emotional garbage and connect to the infinite consciousness through the group consciousness.

About the company

Jal means water in Hindi.

“Water is unconstrained. It adapts to any form it finds itself in and flows to explore the deepest depths. When it runs into an obstacle with no way around, it can change its form and rise to unimaginable heights. And when times turn tough, it can change yet again and become the toughest fortress to weather any storm”