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Lunchtime Talk: Leveraging Shopper Insights to Influencer Decisions

Join us at our Lunchtime Talk series that brings together the LEVEL3 and Unilever community to hear innovative startups share their ideas, insights and approaches. Lunch and learn with us and be inspired by our resident innovators!

Consumers, particularly the Millennials, want to cook so that they can save money and be healthy, however, they are constantly making decisions on what to buy because they do not know what to cook and are lazy to plan their groceries.

On the other hand, traditional brands and retailers struggle to reach these digitally engaged audiences because they do not understand the decision-making process to properly influence them.

With findings from interviews with shoppers in Singapore, Yoripe aims to help you understand the distinct decision-making process of three personas: Young Parent, House-hold Matriarch and Health Conscious Millennials.

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The session will cover these key areas:

  • The decision-making process of consumers when purchasing grocery

  • Insights from 100+ shoppers in Singapore

  • How you can leverage Yoripe’s data to better influence consumers


12.00pm Introduction

12.15pm Lunch & Learn

12.45pm Q&A

1.00pm End


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Xinyan Fang, Founder, Yoripe

About the Company:

YoRipe helps household to enjoy easy, healthy, and personalised cooking while empowering real-time personalised marketing for FMCGs and Retailers. The mobile platform brings more efficient marketing and actual shopper behaviour insights to brands and stores. Watch their Product Demo!