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Workforce Singapore Hackathon: Content Workshop

Despite advancements in technology and hiring processes enhancements to hiring practices,  there are still people in Singapore who have difficulties finding fulfilling jobs, while companies also struggle to find suitable talent to stay competitive and grow their business.

This affects us all, as the existing job matching processes do not fulfil all the needs they claim to. The Workforce Singapore Hackathon invites you to develop new solutions that will help our workers find quality jobs according to their skills, experience, and aspirations, and enable companies to find the right candidate for the right job.

Join the content workshop to learn about current and upcoming employment trends, discover innovation opportunities and find out what you can expect at the Hackathon!


Think beyond the universal way of using a CV to apply for a job that is advertised as a job description. There is a wealth of solutions being tested in Singapore and overseas, addressing different parts of the job-matching and hiring process today. How can we build on these ideas to ensure that they fit the Singapore context?

For Employees: How might we use new data, media, technologies, etc. to capture accurate insights, and communicate the different dimensions of a candidate?

For Employers: How can we help traditional SMEs to better understand and articulate their needs, and compete with larger, more recognised companies to attract the right talents?

Find out more about the challenges here.

About Workforce Singapore

As a statutory board under the Ministry of Manpower, Workforce Singapore endeavours to help Singaporeans meet their career aspirations and take on quality jobs at different stages of life. They help companies address their manpower needs and remain competitive, and make the job matching process more effective. 

Programme Highlights

  • Introduction to Challenge Statements
  • Sharing by Lee Hecht Harrison
  • Sharing by Randstad
  • Sharing by Indeed
  • Sharing by JobKred
  • Sharing by Google Jobs
  • Panel Discussion + Q&A
  • What to expect at the Hackathon

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