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PyData Singapore Meetup

GDG SG-38.png provides award winning travel search websites and top ranked mobile apps for travellers living in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. Wego harnesses powerful yet simple to use technology that automates the process of searching and comparing results from hundreds of airline , hotel and online travel agency websites.

In this special meet up session, we have speakers from Wego share about:

1. The innovation culture at Wego

2. How Wego breaks away from traditional ways to manage data, and how they used Extract, Load and Transform (ELT) over ETL, and how they have efficiently developed a model that supports both stream and batch pipelines where software engineers assist data scientists.

3. The motivation for moving task scheduling from cron to Airflow, as well as deep diving into the infrastructure designed for reliable task deployment and scheduling. A demonstration of end-to-end deployment and a sample ML task on this infrastructure will also be shown. 


6.30pm Guest Registration

6.45pm Networking

7.00pm Tien Nguyen shares "The Innovation Culture at Wego"

7.15pm Ahsan Dar, on topic "ELT: Breaking away from the tradition" 

8.15pm Daniel Poon, on topic "cron is so yesterday: scheduling Python tasks with Airflow" 

9.30pm End of Event


pydata speakers-01.png
pydata speakers-02.png

Ahsan Dar, Lead Software Engineer - Wego

Daniel Poon, Lead Software Engineer - Wego