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Empowering AI for Good


The world produces over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day. (Domo’s Report)

However, only a small percentage of that is being analysed and to be used for the betterment of society. Most of this data is stored in silos. Only a handful of companies have both AI capacity and data to leverage for their business. Mostly to improve the areas of advertisements and e-commerce. What about all that data locked in silos that can be used to advance the society?

Recent advancements in AI technology combined with global AI for Good initiatives have led to a more collaborative environment for leveraging AI to tackle pressing business and sustainable development problems. Nevertheless, bringing together data and AI still remains a difficult challenge.

At this event, Trent McConaughy, founder of Ocean Protocol, will share with us how AI can be scaled up to address UN Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to a better and more sustainable future for all.

Oliver Gilbert from NextBillion, a social enterprise, will show us how he’s been leveraging his data collection process to apply to AI for Good.

We will also be demonstrating what Ocean Protocol can do and explore how we can break down data silos, connect them with AI in a safe and secure manner.


6.30 pm - Registration

7.00 pm - Sharing - Scaling up AI For Good by Trent + Product Demo + Q&A

7.40 pm - Sharing - AI For Good use case by Next Billion + Q&A

8.00 pm - Submit your problem statement

8:15 pm - Break (Pizzas, drinks, and networking)

8:30 pm - Voting on problem statements

9:00 pm - End of event


Trent McConaghy, is the CTO of BigchainDB and founder of Ocean Protocol

He has been a prominent blockchain innovator for years, but his first love was AI. Trent has more than fifteen years of deep technology experience with a focus on machine learning, data visualization, and user experiences.

Trent started his career as an AI researcher at the Canadian Department of Defense in the 1990s, after which he co-founded Analog Design Automation Inc. (ADA), where he explored the relationship between human creativity and AI-based machine creativity. Trent was ADA’s CTO until its acquisition by Synopsys Inc. In 2004, Trent started his second startup Solido, where he leveraged AI to help drive Moore's Law, which was under threat due to high manufacturing variations. The company was acquired by Siemens in 2017. Now, Solido software is used for most modern chip designs.

Trent is an advisor to the Estonia E-Residency program, as well as many different AI projects, including TrueBit, SingularityNET, and He is also an Ambassador to the AI XPRIZE and was selected to chair the “Scaling AI for Good” track at the 3rd Annual United Nations AI For Good Summit in Geneva. An author of two critically acclaimed books on machine learning, creativity and circuit design and more than 35 papers and 20 patents, Trent’s long-term goal is to help ensure that humanity has a role in an increasingly autonomous world.

Oliver is passionate about building tech ventures that increase livelihoods in emerging markets. With a background ranging from global development to application development, Oliver understands how to engage base-of-the-pyramid communities with advanced mobile technology. Oliver leverages his previous corporate, government, and non-profit roles in America, Africa and Asia towards expanding Next Billion’s social impacts in new markets.

Later Event: February 21
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