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Wellness Zone: HASIKO Meditation



A proprietary 60 minutes class that’s neatly designed to combat stress and its associated symptoms.


Many people find it difficult to ‘quieten’ their mind during meditation. We teach one of the most powerful ancient meditations which promote deep rest and relaxation in the body and mind that isn’t found in your average meditation. The best part of this type of meditation is it can be done lying down and ANYONE can do it, there is no effort you simply just listen allow rest and relaxation to wash over you.

Please arrive 5mins early to set up your mat as we will begin on time and bring a mat, wear comfortable workout clothes, a bottle of water and a small towel or jumper for during the meditation. No shoes required.

If you have any injuries or have any questions please send an email to in advance.


HASIKO's goal is to inspire you to make a permanent shift in your internal wellbeing and make choices that create a strong physical, mental and emotional foundation for a vibrant and fulfilling life. We hope to inspire you to embrace life with positivity, to move with ease in your body, to feel deeply connected within, to create a nourishing relationship with food, exercise and meditation, to feel alive and empowered, and to make conscious choices when it comes to your wellbeing, nutrition and relationships.

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