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Future of Food in ASEAN Forum


GlobalSF, a non-profit driving international economic development for San Francisco, has partnered with LEVEL3 to present an exciting and interactive evening of panel discussions. These discussions will bring together food companies and investors from across the region to:

  • explore the latest food innovation trends,

  • build partnerships for sustainable food systems across ASEAN,

  • discover alternate food ingredients that can feed 10 billion people without harming the planet, and

  • share what is happening across the pond in the San Francisco Bay Area! 

Panel 1: Building Sustainable Food System in ASEAN

How can an already-stressed food system feed 10 billion people sustainably? How can we address the key challenge of producing more with less, while ensuring the highest safety standards in Asia? 

Our panel experts will discuss how innovation and technology can radically transform and strengthen the food systems in Asia. They will also share what their organisations are doing to ensure that technology is being deployed and adapted to make the supply chain more productive, efficient and resilient.

Panel 2: Opportunities between the SF Bay Area & Southeast Asia

Join GlobalSF Executive Director, Darlene Chiu Bryant along with Senior Executive from Zume, Head of Global RIFF Fund, and Tanya Holland to find out more about growing opportunities between San Francisco Bay Area and ASEAN. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Singapore as a food innovation hub and strategic location for expanding to Asia

  • Available opportunities for startups and SMEs between the San Francisco Bay Area and ASEAN

  • Innovations from San Francisco Bay Area and ASEAN that have the potential to reinvent global food systems.


5:30PM Registration & Networking

6:00PM Panel I: Building Sustainable Food System [Singapore's 3030 Strategy]

6:45PM Panel 2: Opportunities between SF Bay Area & ASEAN

7:30PM Networking Reception



Darlene Bryant, Founder and Executive Director, GlobalSF

Chefs Joining from San Fransico:


Tanya Holland, Award Winning Chef and Owner, Brown Sugar Kitchen


Belinda Leong, Award Winning Pastry Chef and Owner, B. Patisserie

About the company:

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About GlobalSF:

GlobalSF is a non-profit public-private partnership with the City of SF focused on international economic development. We help international companies to locate, invest, and grow in the San Francisco Bay Area while helping locally-based companies expand into global markets.