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Learning Innovation Challenge

The way we learn is continually evolving, as new technologies enable exciting new ways of learning, and the requirements of learners and their organisations expand to match them.

What we have to be mindful of, is the “why” of learning. We will need to strike a balance between the learner’s intrinsic motivation based in joy of learning, and the external factors of necessity. We need a more agile, blended approach enabled by technology to harness the power of internal motivation and curiosity - an approach that will fuse learning to work with working to learn.

The Civil Service College plays a key role in preparing Singapore’s Public Service to be ready to take on increasingly complex challenges of this world. Hence, as it shapes the learning culture of the Public Service, the College looks to continue transformation of how it delivers and enables learning.

The Learning Innovation Challenge powered by Civil Service College invites you to co-create solutions that will help public servants make the most of the opportunities the Future of Learning has to offer, and fulfill their needs and aspirations!


1. Understanding what Learners need or want:

  • How might we better assess workplace learning needs for individual Learners?

  • How might we better design learning interventions and content by engaging with Learners and collecting and utilising data on their learning?

2. Learning as an “omni-channel” experience:

  • How might we use new technologies to create refreshing, engaging learning experiences?

  • How might we provide a “sandbox” for people to tackle their own business challenges and later, transfer their skills and knowledge to the workplace?

3. Extending beyond the programme:

  • How might we enable continued peer-to-peer learning and foster learning communities across the whole of Government?

Learn more about the challenges here.

Why You Should Join

  • Learn: Find out about the opportunities in the Future of Learning, from the experts.

  • Build: Collaborate with other innovators to build your solution.

  • Pitch: Pitch your solution to industry and government leaders.

  • Get Rewarded: Stand to win from a big prize pool of $11,000!

Use your skills to drive the future of learning!

If you have any questions, please send an email to