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Wellness Zone: Calisthenics Bodyweight Strength


Be challenged by compound bodyweight exercises as you delve into the fundamentals of Calisthenics. This session will focus on building a solid foundation in the basics of Calisthenics exercises with emphasis on proper form and technique. You'll get to try out different push-up variations, cool Calisthenics movements like the pistol squat, and fun core workouts to burn off those CNY calories!

Perfect for:

- Building strength and muscle mass

- Gaining muscle endurance and stamina

- Increasing body awareness, co-ordination, and balance

- Improving mobility

- Shedding fat and toning the body


Beginner-friendly. Open to all levels.

Attire: Comfortable clothing, shoes optional

Lessons will begin at 5.30pm sharp, please arrive by 5.20pm.

About the Instructor

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Instructor Haaziq has been coaching for over 6 years and has a passion for bodyweight practices, particularly calisthenics and yoga. He is also an instructor at Singapore Calisthenics Academy and has experience coaching in other commercial gyms such as Triple Fit.

About the company

Start Station is a new outdoor bodyweight fitness company that aims to educate and inspire all segments of the society to start bodyweight fitness training. Their classes are Calisthenics-focused and range from Street Calisthenics to Calisthenics Flow to Learn to Pull-up and Learn to Muscle-up classes. What sets them apart from other gyms is that they teach complete beginners the fundamentals of calisthenics with emphasis on the correct form and technique of workouts.