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Lunchtime Talk: Transforming Product Experiences into Product Relationships with the Power of Augmented Reality

Join us at our Lunchtime Talk series that brings together the LEVEL3 and Unilever community to hear innovative startups share their ideas, insights and approaches. Lunch and learn with us and be inspired by our resident innovators!

Augmented Reality (AR), Visual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are increasingly utilised by brands to improve customer engagement.

Amongst this, there is a quiet revolution unfolding now in our browsers called the Augmented Web, which could be a valuable addition to many existing web pages.

Join Andre as he shares Plattar’s ability to create new ways of seeing and understanding the world with AR, and how you can start to build customer and product relationship strategies with this platform!

The session will cover these key areas:

  • How brands can create amazing customer experiences with their product through AR

  • How to turn these product experiences into product relationships

  • The Augmented Web and explore how it is democratising the technology for the web


12.00pm Introduction

12.15pm Lunch & Learn

12.45pm Q&A

1.00pm End



Andre Selton, Sales and Marketing Manager, Plattar

About the Company:

Founded in 2015, Plattar is a cloud-based platform that allows users to create, manage, and distribute augmented reality (AR) content. The platform works with a template-driven app builder and content management system for managing AR experiences.