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Lunchtime Talk: Accelerating Social Impact - Building Bridges for Migrant Workers

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Join us for our Lunchtime Talk series that brings together our corporate partners to hear game-changing tech startups share their ideas, insights, and approaches. Be inspired by our resident innovators!

Sazzad Hossain, CEO of SDI Academy had a first hand experience of not being able to speak a single word of english when he arrived in Singapore. His own struggle has inspired him to launch an initiative to teach english to people with similar struggle, more specifically - the migrant workers.  

Recognising that the humanising of technology is able to accelerate social impact, SDI Academy blends digital media and rigorous data collection to design and deliver high quality courses to help immigrants to assimilate into mainstream. 

The session will cover these key areas:

  • Introduction to migrant landscape in Singapore

  • How diversity and social inclusion can make Singapore a holistic role model for a developed world

  • How socially responsible MNCs can work with Social Enterprises towards ethical profitability and social impact 


12.00pm Introduction

12.15pm Lunch & Learn

12.45pm Q&A

1.00pm End



Sazzad Hossain - CEO, SDI Academy

About the Company:

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SDI Academy is an ed-tech social enterprise that empowers migrant workers with english communications skills, IT literacy, financial literacy as well as entrepreneurship to create a safer workplace with productive workforce.