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Lunchtime Talk: What are consumers doing on their phone before, during, and after they see your ad?

Join us at our Lunchtime Talk series that brings together the LEVEL3 and Unilever community to hear innovative startups share their ideas, insights and approaches. Lunch and learn with us and be inspired by our resident innovators!

Southeast Asia’s commercial landscape has changed dramatically in the last five years, with e-commerce players successfully establishing a new shopping channel, and consumers living a highly digital connected life.Most researchers agree that up to 30% of survey responses are inaccurate because people lie, forget, and misunderstand questions. Mobile surveys remove the social motivations to please or impress the interviewer, but response accuracy is still vulnerable to memory and panelist attempts to game the system for greater reward.

Mobile metering reports are not vulnerable to these threats, but is challenged lack of interaction and context. Merge the two, and you have the most powerful arsenal in digital research.

Join Greg to find out how you can use the Happi app to measure your campaigns, test your promotions and understand consumer behaviour!

The session will cover these key areas:

  • How to measure the impact of second-screening on ad recall and comprehension

  • How to study consumers triggered by the apps they use, sites they visit, and terms they search

  • How to capture a day in the mobile lives of thousands of your target consumers


12.00pm Introduction

12.15pm Lunch & Learn

12.45pm Q&A

1.00pm End



Greg Lipper - Chief Happiness Officer, Happi

About the Company:

Happi enables clients to understand, engage and activate consumers with an integration of mobile surveys, targeted promotion testing and mobile activity monitoring. This mobile app, connected to a data analysis platform and mobile metering technology enables deeper, faster, and more efficient insights than any individual tool can.

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