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It's Not Rocket Science! - How to get into the Space Business

Space technology is already all around us. Farmers use it to grow their crops, scientists use it to understand our environment, and medical researchers use it to learn more about human physiology and psychology.

Today, we live in a world where access to space is getting increasingly cheaper, due to miniaturisation of powerful technology and more efficient launch providers. There’s no reason why a couple of minimally funded entrepreneurs in a garage can’t become the world’s next billion dollar space company.

MoonshotX is excited to visit Singapore as a part of the 2017 international roadshow! Join MoonshotX's Q&A night at Spacecubed to speak with the founder, Troy McCann, about the opportunities of the New Space sector for entrepreneurs and academic researchers. Get a better understanding of the Gemini program, discuss your application, and find out what you can expect as a successful applican!

Ever had the massive idea that you could change the world? If you did, make sure you don't miss this event, for it's a game-changer. 

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