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Google Developer Series: Kotlin Introduction Workshop

Kotlin is the modern programming language that is now officially supported by Google for Android development. And it also good for web and backend developers too. 

In this 2 hour workshop, we’ll learn more about Kotlin. You can start your programming career or just learn the new language together with us proficient Kotlin developers with more than two years experience. 

DATE & AGENDA: Thursday, 15th July  2017

  • 9.30am - Intro and Welcome
  • 9.40am - Kotlin syntax
  • 9.55am - Kotlin first application 
  • 10.10am - Hands-on: let’s build our first console application with Kotlin 
  • 10.55am - Break
  • 11.10am - Hands-on: let’s build our first Android application with Kotlin
  • 12.10am - Wrap up