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Startup Asia Women: Pushing The Impact Envelope

Why and how do startups and corporates design impact into their business, brand and product / services? Corporate social responsibility has taken on a new meaning and the rise of social enterprises and millennial outlook are pushing the impact envelope.

If you are a conscious consumer, corporate or are wanting to start a social enterprise or green your business, take advantage of a full suite of experts who are keen to share their cause, through their sharings of positive strategies and learning experiences. 

From social impact investing to measuring impact with a slew of tried and tested examples, join in on protecting our future by creating healthier enterprises and engaging our environment in a more conscious manner.

Additionally, there will be a marketplace of social enterprises participating to share their initiatives.

Afternoon admission is free, and evening admission  priced at $10 inclusive of dinner. 

Key speakers

Martin Lavoo is the co-founder of Sustenir. After working in the banking and IT sales industries, he's now ready for a new adventure in high-tech farming.

Alistair Douglas is the founder and partner of EcoHub. He's worked in the aquaculture and fishing industries and highly accomplished in sustainable development.

Ashwin Subramaniam is the CEO and founder of Gone Adventurin. An amateur geologist, he believes in working together with kindred spirits to build a compassionate world.

Prasoon Kumar is the CEO and co-founder of Billion Bricks. The architect by trade fully committed to his organisation after discovering the quality of housing in developing countries.

Dr Irene Lee is a scientist, social entrepreneur, and mastermind behind Little Sun, a social enterprise that delivers portable solar lamps to poverty-stricken countries. 

Professor Virginia Cha is the Professor-in-Residence at Platform E. She's also an angel investor and has 32 years of experience in executive management in tech companies.


The Marketplace
The marketplace will be featuring an eclectic bunch of social enterprises like Project We ForgotSociety Staples, and Earthys among others. Get ready for a showcase of changemakers that vow not only to impact people's lives, but ignite the world.