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Google Developer Series: Intro To Deep Learning And Tensor Flow

Beginners Day is here!

We will be going through beginner level models and how they work.

The goal is to take you from knowing very little about Deep Learning to having an understanding about how it works and how to use it to build models for yourself.

You need to have a decent understanding of code - specifically be able to follow along with code examples, and modify/enhance them on your own laptop. That means you MUST BRING A LAPTOP (including power adapter).

We will be using Python throughout the day. If you are new to Python, watch this video.

We will be sending out info about how to setup your laptop before the event to have the right software installed.

We've put the MeetUp start time at 9:30am, as we have a lot to go through in the day.

There will be a break for lunch and we will be getting pizza in.