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The Unilever Foundry


The Unilever Foundry is on a mission to transform Unilever's growth model to make sustainable living commonplace by collaborating with innovators. It is the entry-point for innovative companies seeking to connect with Unilever.

To-date, the Foundry has run over 100 pilots with startups across the globe, and is now scaling with 60 startups across brands and new geographies.

The Foundry stimulates and facilitates experimentation within Unilever brands and functions across the organisation. The objective is to build and cultivate strategic partners for the future.

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Smart home labs

Smart Home Labs

LEVEL3 will host specialty Labs, in partnership with renowned global companies, offering leading technology stacks to LEVEL3 Members and ecosystem partners the opportunity to ideate, experiment, collaborate and rapidly bring new ideas to market.

There will be training sessions / workshops to increase our Member startup's capabilities in using these enabling technologies.

Members will also have access to support representatives from these companies on a day-to-day basis.

Ultimately, these Labs will reduce cost and time and accelerate the development of relevant, new innovations for the global market.



We cover the following topics

Big Data

Big data

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Internet of things

Cloud & Analytics

Cloud & analytics

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Future of retail

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