Event Highlights: Tapping into the Voice-enabled Revolution

In a world where 50% of all searches by 2020 will be by voice, it’s critical that Unilever leads the way into this rapidly changing landscape.  

Voice technology is sweeping the world, as assistants such as Google’s Home, Amazon’s Alexa, and smart speakers such as Baidu’s Little Fish capture our imagination. Talking computers, once seen only on the silver screen, are becoming an everyday reality, at our beck and call as developments in artificial intelligence, speech recognition, and natural language processing mean we can now talk to computers in a way that only appeared in science fiction until just a few years ago. Voice technology will not just redefine how we live our lives, but will also bring dramatic change to the customer experience. 

Big thanks to our speakers, Ida Siow from J. Walter Thompson WorldwidePablo Gomez from Kantar Millward BrownChris Jangala from Google, and Ravi Saraogi from Uniphore Software Systems.

Alagappan Ramanthan