Goodbye Standard Optimisation: LoopMe's Annie McNamara talks video-optimisation through A.I adoption


Annie McNamara sees great potential for artificial intelligence (AI) in the near future – unsurprising for those familiar with her work at LoopMe, a video solution for global brand advertisers. 

"AI is the best way of optimising advertising. It can perceive in real time, and can make an informed decision which considers all factors of the advertising campaign," she explains. "It drives the best results, and is more precise than just optimisation algorithms which are more typically seen in this industry."

LoopMe utilises a process called factorisation to deliver high-definition mobile video advertisements in brand-safe environments across the web. In other words, taking a brands' existing videos and help enhance them for optimal placements and delivery to the best person. "Our AI has become more exciting in recent times, as we've developed the platform to run one-question surveys about the brand that are exposed to consumers during the campaign's flight dates," Annie says. "All this information is then input into the system which allows us to optimise beyond just clicks and views to brand metrics like purchase intent."

LoopMe is all about artificial intelligence. Despite Annie's belief that AI adoption is slow, she believes that AI is the way to go. "The proof is in the pudding!" the native Brit exclaims. "You can talk about AI all you want, but it's about utilising the AI to drive maximum engagement and fulfilling brand goals."


Know your audience

Data is the key to understanding your audience, helping brands understand their likes and dislikes. Without data, it’s impossible to offer personalised and targeted advertising that reaches the consumers for your product. As we say at LoopMe: Let the data do the talking.

Keep it short

Mobiles have got smaller and smaller – until the new handsets, where the screens are now reversing the trend! Your video advertising needs to reflect this – 2 minutes of forced video advertising isn’t going to endear your audience to your brand. Start with thinking about your mobile creative and work up from there. 

Leverage mobile functionality

Advertising on mobile allows for some amazing immersive experiences. The gyroscope experience which allows for a 360 effect or utilising the camera function all allows for maximum engagement with your ad. Even adding maps to the creative to show where nearby stockists are can help drive users to store, which helps bridge online and offline metrics.

Tish Wong