Consumer Advocacy in the Modern World: Activating the Influence of Real Consumers

We live in an era where brands are no longer in control of their message, and people are no longer consuming the media. Instead, consumers are in control of the brand message, as they ARE the media. As a result, it has become harder than ever for a brand to cut through the noise and to reach consumers with their message. Even the most pragmatic and influential brands have begun to re-invent their marketing, activating consumers as powerful, trusted and authentic storytellers to tell the brand's story instead. 

As the way people discover brands has changed for good, this is where Taskspotting steps in. The consumer advocacy platform helps everyday brands mobilise the average consumer, enabling them to produce and share user-generated content that not only captures brand moments, but also extend their influence to other consumers around the world. 

Taskspotting talks about the modern industry shift and the importance of capitalising peer-to-peer activation across all industries. Exploring the different methods of marketing reinvention, Taskspotting also examines the reasons why consumer content matters, the potential of turning consumers into brand advocates, and the significance of turning passive targets into active participants in one's brand story. 

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