Coworking spaces: Not just another seat in an office

LEVEL3 members Swarit & Ayla from  Connectedlife

LEVEL3 members Swarit & Ayla from Connectedlife

“How to get more followers” is probably still the most searched phrase in our digital age, with Google results displaying over 383 million articles on the subject, with some of the most established global media brands such as Forbes, Huffington Post and TIME Magazine jumping in to dish their 2 cents worth on the subject.

In a way, being a startup is similar to being the new Instagram kid on the block, eager for exposure and hungry for connections and collaborations. From furtive late-night searches on ‘how to get more followers’ to the lengthy 20-or-so hash-tags accompanying an Instagram post, it’s time to acknowledge the ironic truth. Despite the ways that technology has made the world smaller, it is also responsible for pulling people further apart.

From identifying the right audiences to establishing essential connections, the digital age has arguably made it a million times harder for startups to connect with the right people. Thankfully, our economy has since shifted to one of collaboration. Startups hoping to make it big, who once worked from home or private shophouses, are now seeking out camaraderie benefits that come from sharing a co-working space. But what exactly is the appeal?

NEW CULTURE OF CREATIVITY: Working from home may sound appealing at first, what with keeping your fluffy bunny slippers on and not needing to comb out that bed hair. Nevertheless, the homely appeal only lasts till the coffee mug runs dry and so does the creativity. At co-working spaces, opportunities to collaborate are endless, be it with large corporations or blossoming startups. From swapping battle-stories of past experiences to doling out helpful advice, the close proximity to other startups increases the likelihood of taking businesses to the next level by fostering a community of together-ness.

HAVING IT ALL: Traditional offices are soon becoming obsolete. Gone are the days of the “in-and-out” culture, where new faces remained a mystery within the office and feeling isolated was commonplace. Co-working spaces encourage increased social interactions, and building a network becomes easier when people are at the easy reach of your fingertips. Additionally, the added amenities are always fun. From in-house baristas, stocked pantries and private meeting rooms, to interesting event line-ups such as guest speakers and community lunches.

A HUGE TIME-SAVER: “Time is money” is a phrase that is often used, but rarely taken seriously. As an entrepreneur, especially one in a startup, time will always be an issue. By housing everything under one roof, co-working can help shave off precious minutes wherever possible — be it collaborating with similar startups, pioneering new business models or learning about new resources.

Now that you’ve wizened up on the advantages of what coworking can really do for you, the only thing left to do really, is to try it out for yourself. You never know, being in a co-working space might just be the innovation you need to hit a home run.

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