Founder Nikhil Dass on work ethic and the inspiration for Snapgreetz —  a late greeting card

Nikhil, Snapgreetz

Nikhil, Snapgreetz

Paper greeting cards have been around for a long time, plastered along the well-wishes aisles ranging from beautifully quoted Hallmarks to those wailing a pitch-perfect rendition of Celine Dion’s “I Will Always Love You” when opened. Nevertheless, it isn’t difficult to pin down the precise moment where physical greeting cards started to take a steep decline. With the insurgence of multimedia image messaging applications such as Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Facebook Chat, it would seem that the demise of paper greeting cards was sadly inevitable in our instant generation.

While it was Nikhil’s acuity on this particular industry trend that lay the groundwork, it was ultimately a late greeting card to his brother in America that sparked the big idea. “There is nothing more personalised than a video message where the users can express their face, voice and personality.” By capitalising on the trend of branded filters, Snapgreetz readily offers these branded filters to its users, making its content sharable across all platforms and its numerous artistic features usable by people of all age groups.

So what does the founder of Snapgreetz consider the most important trait for any entrepreneur? Nikhil’s a solid believer in some good ole’ hard work; where others might only see dead ends and countless futile attempts, his unwavering stance on persistence and constant innovation remains firm. As Nikhil resolutely states, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”.

As one of the founding members of LEVEL3’s collaborative workspace, Nikhil touches on his story of fostering creativity into his daily inspiration, and learning how to react to unprecedented challenges during his journey of creating a wholly new product from scratch.

NEW CONVERSATIONS ARE ALL ABOUT DEEPER PERSONALISATION: Average users are now creating and sharing videos as conversational content, with photos evolving into micro-videos. Snapchat has proven that millennials love branded filters, and personalised communication is an amazing new way for brands to engage their users, as compared to a simple text message or e-card. New filters for regional events are always being added, and we are always working on features to give a greater degree of user personalisation.

VIDEO THE MOST POWERFUL CONTENT TYPE: Because it is visual, users can not only express their voice and personality, but transform these video messages into memories to be saved for keepsakes. It’s all about creating a stronger emotional connection between users through short but beautiful video messages for all occasions.

IT TAKES TIME FOR COMPANIES TO STAND OUT: There are hundreds of thousands of apps out there, and getting discoverability has always been a challenge. The app marketplace is crowded and to stand out, your app needs to be unique in terms of design, functionality, marketing pages, technology and user experience. Snapgreetz is deeply obsessive about putting the user first. Through the app’s usage behaviour and analytics, we monitor our app daily about what’s working and what’s not, releasing new app versions every week.

DESIGN YOUR OWN LIFE PLAN OR FALL INTO SOMEONE ELSE’S: For an entrepreneur, time is at a premium, and one cannot do everything perfect all at once. There is not a single day that goes by where there won’t be a list of todos, but it’s either we run the day or the day runs us. We need to focus on the important objectives that matter to put ourselves in greater control of our circumstances.

ALWAYS BELIEVE AND BE PERSISTENT: It takes time and persistence to do something big and impactful. Sometimes it’s easy to let go after periods of ‘unsuccessful’ attempts, because the future is unknown with unforeseen challenges. However, success can be just round the corner, and it helps to stay focused and to try new and innovative approaches.

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