More than just desks, we are a community of passionate, motivated people.





LEVEL3 is Singapore’s most vibrant coworking space for experimentation and innovation. By fostering a collaborative culture and providing proximity to our corporate and government partners, we provide startups a unique opportunity to prototype their ideas / solutions in a real-world business context.

LEVEL3 is now open to tech startups and entrepreneurs, not just those in Singapore but also startups that have an innovative product / service and are ready to scale in this part of the world.

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Padang & Co is an innovation catalyst for corporates and government agencies, helping startups and corporates like Unilever connect and create new opportunities for innovation.

Padang & Co is the architect of LEVEL3 and will be designing the programmes and managing the space. We believe LEVEL3 is a unique opportunity to ignite innovation and ultimately generate business activity for all.

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Upma Arora, Community Lead
Upma is passionate about all things startups. After running her own food startup in London, she has developed a strong passion to create an ecosystem that can help startups grow, have a social impact, while still being profitable! She has over ten year’s experience working in the public sector, delivering European Union projects and building lean operational processes for organisations. She loves reading, upcycling, sustainable eating, and urban farming. Currently, she’s trying to start new lives in her DIY hydroponics!

Connect with Upma at upma@l3.work or LinkedIn.


Muhd Ridwan, Community Executive (Events & Facilities)
Ridwan is the ‘most-wanted’ man at LEVEL3. One day without him feels like an eternity to the rest of the community. He is the unrivalled favourite community executive at LEVEL3, and his dilligence can be witnessed through every successful event, as well as the beautiful space – that is currently still intact!

Connect with Ridwan at muhd.ridwan@l3.work or on LinkedIn.


Seet Shu Zhen, Finance & Admin Executive
Not just a pretty face - Shu Zhen graduated with a Banking and Finance degree from NTU before joining LEVEL3 as a Community Executive. She quickly picked up the Finance and Admin portfolio and is now everyone’s favourite loan shark, where she chases rents and revenue from events. On the side, she is also a dancer, makeup artist, and everything that makes the team question their own talents.

Connect with Shu Zhen at shuzhen.seet@l3.work or LinkedIn.