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LEVEL3 is a lively and inspiring coworking and event space. You’ll have access to people, events, programmes and tangible business opportunities to help you focus on what’s most important – scaling your company in this part of the world.

  • Unilever

    Get exclusive access to the Unilever Foundry’s innovation events, programmes, focused Unilever briefs and funded pilots.

  • Partners

    Collaborate with corporates, government and other startups in the LEVEL3 community, and build meaningful relationships that really matter.

  • Labs

    Deep dive into specialty topics, facilitated in Labs hosted by world-leading companies in Cloud and Analytics, Prototyping, Connectivity and the Internet of Things.

  • Spaces

    Find the perfect configuration for your business – hot desk, fixed desk or team suite. Access a range of spaces from phone booths to boardrooms to an event space for 200.

  • Support

    Enjoy world class business administration and capability development services. Access discounts and training on key services to help grow your company.

  • Events

    Access a year-round calendar of events, including fireside chats, training programmes, workshops, hackathons and mentoring programmes to expand your mind and potential.

Membership Plans

  • Hot Desk

    For entrepreneurs who want the freedom to get stuff done.

  • Personal Desk

    For entrepreneurs and small teams who want your very own base.

  • Team Suite

    For small teams to enjoy the benefits of having your own space while being a part of a bigger community.

  • Community Member

    Connect with mentors, access exclusive events, network and cowork.

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